A loan without BIK – who will give it to you?

People who have had problems with paying their debts so far and who need extra money often look for loans without BIK. Are there non-bank companies on the market that provide such?

Loans without BIK are loans granted only by non-bank companies – banks check every applicant in the BIK database very carefully. If you have had problems repaying your liabilities so far, then the solution may be to reach for such a loan. Companies offering loans without BIK do not check the customer’s credit history in the BIK database.


BIK database – what is worth knowing about it?

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The Credit Information Bureau (BIK) is an entity whose task is to collect information about consumer debt. Information on loans and credits taken by natural persons are forwarded to BIK, including by credit unions and banks. As a person who uses products that finance the purchase of specific goods, you should be aware that information is transferred to the BIK database not only about how you pay back loans or credits, but also how you use a credit card.

The BIK database is today considered to be the basic database to which loan providers apply. This is not a coincidence – there are meticulously recorded information about both timely repayment of liabilities and arrears. As a result, any money lending company can – based on the data obtained from BIK – estimate the risk involved in granting a loan.


Only the BIK database?

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As a person interested in taking out a loan, you must know that the BIK database is not the only one where lenders check applicants. Your debt may be disclosed in one of the other databases, e.g.

The National Debt Register (KRD) – is the first economic information office operating in Poland, which has been operating since 2003. It stores information on both debt and timely repayment of liabilities of individuals and companies. In addition to banks, entries can also be made in the database in. entrepreneurs, but they must have an executive title stating their claim.

ERIF Register of Debtors – since 2007, the entity belongs to the Krut Capital Group and the data related to it are used by entities associated with the Group. The information collected relates to the debt of both natural persons and entrepreneurs.

Economic Information Bureau InfoMonitor (BIG InfoMonitor) – is another database gathering information about the debt of individuals and entrepreneurs. The clients of this entity include mobile network operators and PZU.

If you have debt in one of the above bases, then you need to check whether the company you are going to use the products with is checking the credit history of applicants there.


When you are looking for a loan without BIK …

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… it is best to do it using the database of companies which offer such products. You need to know that there are many companies on the market that offer loans without BIK. The problem, however, is that not every company offering the slogan “loan without BIK” checks clients only in this database.

To help you choose, we have prepared a special comparison of currently available offers. You can find the comparison HERE. In addition to information about whether and in which databases the company checks the applicants, we also included information about the requirement or not to require a verification transfer. Because there are really many companies lending customers without checking their history in the BIK database, there is plenty to choose from. Do you need cash immediately? Take your time – in this way you can only choose the offer that you will be disappointed – it turns out that the amount you have to pay back is very high. It is best that you show caution and common sense. The complete basis is familiarization with the content of the contract received.

In this document, you should find information about all fees you will be required to pay as a lender.


Payday loan or installment loan?

Payday loan or installment loan?

Before applying for a loan at one of the non-bank companies operating on the market, remember that they offer both:
Payday loans without BIK. These are loans granted for a short period, usually 30 days.
Installment loans without BIK. Such loans are granted for a longer period, even for several years. Also, the amount you can apply for is higher (e.g. $ 20,000).

If you are looking for a loan without BIK – before you complete the application on the website of the selected company – specify what amount you are interested in. In general, loans granted for a longer period are cheaper than the so-called payday loans. It’s good to make you aware of it – then you have the chance to choose a product that meets your expectations.