Fast loan for the self-employed.

This is a classic installment loan, but it is granted on different terms. However, self-employed people in particular find it difficult to get a loan at all. It gets even harder when time is short and the loan amount is to be transferred as quickly as possible. With our self-employed loan, we offer every freelancer, sole trader, medium-sized business and trader a loan program with favorable terms, flexible terms and fast payment. If you think you can benefit from the current low interest rates, then this is not completely impossible for the self-employed.

Self-employed loans – easy, timely and cost-effective

Self-employed loans - easy, timely and cost-effective

If you are a self-employed person looking for a self-employed loan without complications, it is not as easy as other groups of people since the main target group of credit institutions is workers, civil servants and other people with a regular income from work. Fortunately, there are more and more credit institutions offering special loans for the self-employed and the self-employed. The self-employed must meet much higher standards and overcome several obstacles before being granted credit.

In some banks, the keyword loan for self-employed is still a foreign word. The term “credit” is an exclamation point. However, many businesses and the self-employed, as well as private individuals, are in some cases in dire need of a self-employed loan. 2. However, if sufficient own funds are not yet available, a special loan for the self-employed must usually be taken out in order to move the company forward or make it afloat.

The self-employed know exactly how hard it is to get a loan from their own house bank, as the lending criteria for start-ups are stricter. The many bureaucracy regulations in the Federal Republic make it difficult for self-employed and freelancers to borrow easily. Many lending institutions are also reluctant to lend to businesses and the self-employed, fearing that the customer will default.

Loan will usually be repaid on time

Loan will usually be repaid on time

Commercial banking institutions look at the founder very carefully before granting a loan. For the self-employed always assume an increased default risk, since the economic situation can change at any time. Tomorrow, a successful family business could become a partner. Employees and civil servants are in a much more favorable starting position as they only receive a loan if they have a regular and sufficient salary and an existing permanent employment contract.

Credit institutions can be confident that the loan will usually be repaid on time. Employees and civil servants only have to provide proof of their income and employment when applying for credit. Of course, a company can not provide these securities. Therefore, all information about the applicant’s income and expenses is relevant to the credit institutions.

The self-employed must therefore provide very specific information and also submit many documents about their own endeavor. It does not matter if you need the loan for personal use or for your own business. When it comes to the creditworthiness of freelancers, credit institutions are guided by average disposable income, which, however, significantly increases the chances of obtaining a loan for the freelancer.

As a business owner, you can participate and increase your loan approval opportunities. Ideally, you can include a second borrower in the loan application if he or she has regular pay or security. Other useful measures to obtain a loan for self-employed: Provide security: Since self-employed can usually only on a monthly basis have fluctuating income, the institutes are looking forward to further security.

Grants a loan for self-employed

Grants a loan for self-employed

Other guarantors and other creditworthy borrowers increase the chances of obtaining a loan for the self-employed and can have a favorable influence on interest rates. Further security: endowment insurance, time deposits, disability insurance u. are very often regarded by banks as collateral. Headquarters in Germany: All credit institutions need a central office in the Federal Republic regardless of the legal form of the company.

If you can show your money on the basis of well-maintained and complete business documents, the banks will be happy. Positive Credit bureau File: If your score on the scorecard is very high, you have the best chance of getting a loan. They shy away from a loan for self-employed. So the search for a house bank, which grants a loan for self-employed, can be very annoying and above all very tedious.

For this reason, more and more credit institutions grant to self-employed. Acknowledgment credit finally brings the loan for the self-employed also to Germany. Lite lender grants loans for self-employed or entrepreneurial loans and fair lending to self-employed persons in D. without the bureaucracy of other institutions. Often, a Swiss lending business can be concluded for self-employed persons.

Please fill out the form and we will send you a loan offer by letter. If you are satisfied with the loan offer, please return the complete documents to us and you will be able to plan your own self-employment loan within a short period of time.