Instant phone call – who can receive such a payday loan?


Instant phone call is one of the easiest ways to get the money you need. Both young and older clients can easily use it. To submit an application, all you need is a telephone number and all necessary information to complete it. What conditions should be met? Who can apply for it? Let’s see!

How does payday phone call work?

How does payday phone call work?

Instant phone call is one of the products most often offered by non-bank loan companies. As with online financial support, they assume a short loan period. By default, it is 30 days, but it is also easier to find offers with a longer repayment period. It is refunded in the form of a one-off payment to the lender’s account, which is why we should make sure that our financial situation allows us to repay without any problems before taking it.

This process will also be repeated by the lender, who will check our credit history and ask for the amount of monthly income, expenses and other information enabling the assessment of the client’s financial situation.

The amounts available in the payday phone offer are generally no different from those proposed on the internet. As new customers, we get the opportunity to contract up to USD 6,000. However, with such a high amount, responsibility increases, and with it the risk of late repayment. That is why most companies bet on amounts not exceeding 3000 USD.

Higher loans up to USD 10,000 are available for subsequent applications for experienced and loyal borrowers. To date, it seems that the differences between the online offer and the phone are negligible. However, they begin to reveal themselves only during the application process.

The offer to submit an application by phone is usually only for regular customers about whom the lender has certain information and knows that they are able to repay the loan they have received.

Payday loans by phone – as the name implies – are given during a conversation between the applicant and the client’s adviser. Most companies that provide this option require that they first complete a short form on their website. Depending on the offer, we will only need a phone number or an additional name and surname. We provide the rest of the information only during a telephone conversation.

After providing all the data, we can expect a preliminary decision or we will be asked for a moment of patience. It all depends on the lender’s procedures as well as our financial situation. If our application is accepted, the contract will be sent electronically or by courier. We will also find it in the customer panel. In most companies, we won’t bypass the need to register on the site or complete the initial application.

Another solution for payday loans by phone is to use the mobile application. More and more companies are taking this step and it is possible to download the appropriate program via online stores built into the phone system, e.g. Google Play. Thanks to this, all information about our loan will always be at your fingertips, and the application is as smooth as on stationary devices.

Often, customers using the lender’s app have the opportunity for additional promotions and discounts, so it’s worth considering taking a moment and downloading it. To do this, simply enter the company name in the store’s search engine and click “Install”. 

Payday loans for those in debt – who can use them?

Payday loans for those in debt - who can use them?

For people in debt, applying for any financial support can be difficult. Many non-bank and banking institutions emphasize that the condition for granting a loan is a positive assessment of creditworthiness. So the question arises, are payday loans for those in debt possible? Lenders are lowering the criteria for borrowers compared to those we come across in the bank. However, every boundary ends sometime.

If we have a few unpaid liabilities and our debt is growing instead of decreasing, we have no chance to receive financial support. Still, there are some exceptions. Both for payday loans and online it will be possible to obtain a positive credit decision in several situations.

If the entry in the BIK database informs the lender about the debt already repaid, and our financial situation seems stable, then we have a chance to accept the application. Why? The information from the Register of the Credit Information Bureau will be removed only after 5 years from the date of settlement of arrears.

That is why some lenders decide to reach out to those people who will not be accepted by the bank. The second situation, when payday loans by phone are real, is an entry for a small amount resulting from our inattention or a temporary – already resolved – budget crisis. The third situation is low scoring.

This means that the applicant does not have any entries in the database, which makes it impossible to clearly determine whether he is a reliable payer or not. If we meet one of the above criteria, then it is worth trying to submit an application to the lender. However, beforehand, we should familiarize ourselves with the conditions that it sets for its clients.

Instant phone call – how to get it. Step by step guide.

Instant phone call - how to get it. Step by step guide.

In order to apply for payday loans by phone, we must have the following information: personal data, address details, contact details and information about the current financial situation, i.e. monthly expenses and income, current liabilities to other institutions or the number of dependents.

We may also be asked about the form of employment, occupation and education. Be sure to prepare your ID card, as it will be necessary to complete the application process. How to apply for a loan product payday loan by phone?

  1. The first step will be to look through the available offers and choose the one suitable for us. We must consider our capabilities and financial needs so that one commitment fully covers our goal.
  2. When we make a decision, it will be necessary to go to a website to complete a short form. By leaving a phone number, we should be prepared to contact the lender in the near future.
  3. During the phone call you will be asked for all necessary information listed above. When we answer the questions, the consultant will complete the necessary application for us.
  4. Then we await the lender’s decision. If it is positive, the contract and all necessary information will be provided to us electronically and / or by courier.

Payday loans for phone and online – get payday loans without leaving home

Payday loans for phone and online - get payday loans without leaving home

Payday loan telephone and via the Internet is an offer created by non-bank loan companies. It aims to make it easier for clients to access the funds they need, and to reduce the waiting time for decisions. Usually, we will receive information about the approval or rejection of the application up to several minutes after sending the form.

Provided that we have completed all formalities during the lender’s business hours. In the case of payday phone call, the decision will be forwarded immediately after the consultant completes the application. However, it is worth emphasizing that in many companies this offer is directed primarily at regular customers.

As a result, all formalities are kept to a minimum, and identity verification is based on available information and proof of identity. Despite this, it is worth noting that submitting the application by the payday phone application is a generally available solution – both for new and regular users.